Digital // Kuniyoshi Triptych (StorymapJS)

This is a sample assignment in preparation for my course on the Arts of Japan. I created this resource using the javascript tool StoryMapJS developed by Knight Lab at Northwestern University, and plotting my points over a pixel-dense image instead of a rendered map. Thankfully, StoryMapJS has the ability to “zoom in” to view the fine details of images or historic maps by loading only portions of the image at a single time. You accomplish this by converting the large file into “tiles” through a program like Zoomify Express or Photoshop. Students can then include snippets of text or other comparative images in addition to media from sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, Vine, etc.

For their final assignment, students will create a StoryMap of a single work of art and explore its relation to artistic technique, social history, and cultural context. This will be accompanied by a written project abstract and self-assessment of the creation and research process. Students will also be responsible for evaluating the digital contributions of their peers.

To facilitate this assignment, students will be asked to choose a single work of art from the British Museum, an institution that offers high resolution images for educational purposes. Once students choose their work of art, I will convert each one into a folder containing image tiles that the student can then upload to their individual campus-hosted Google Drive. From there, the creation process is self-contained within StoryMapJS.


November 13, 2015

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Christina M. Spiker | Digital // Kuniyoshi Triptych (StorymapJS)
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