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August 2013

Japanese Giant Salamander: Otherworldly Nature

Sometimes research takes you in surprising directions. I started my day by perusing Birds of Japan (1880) by T.W. Blakiston (a famous naturalist/businessman who discovered the Blakiston’s line — a zoo-geographical boundary demarcated by the Tsugaru Strait that separates the Siberian avifauna of Hokkaido from that of Honshu). Somehow, through a strange twist of sources,…

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Hello Washington D.C.

Today is quite momentous! After teaching my last class of Godzilla to Hello Kitty: Japanese Pop Culture, I boarded a red-eye flight bound for Washington D.C… A lengthy bus ride and a few Metro stops later, I am sitting in a little Panera-esque coffee shop waiting for my appointment at the Smithsonian Institution’s Dibner Library…

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