Asian Conversations: Global Flows


The second course of the “Asian Conversations” program will engage students in academic and public discourse related to topics that emphasize cross-cultural understanding, inclusivity, and global citizenship, especially in relation to Asia. We will critically examine “global flows” of objects, ideas, and people across history and within and outside of Asia. With a deep focus on material histories, our goal is to develop an introduction to what Asia has been in the past and an understanding of how Asia came to be in the present. This course will help students interrogate their own assumptions and develop a foundation for their future study of Asia before they enter their second year. As a writing and rhetoric course, students will write in multiple genres and engage in writing as a systematic, interactive process for different purposes and audiences. 

Japanese Map of the World and its People c. 1870.

  • Date: April 13, 2022
  • Categories: Asian StudiesFirst-year Writing
  • Institution St. Olaf College
  • Course Code WRIT120P
  • Semester Spring 2022