Commensurable Distinctions

commensurabledistinctionsAs with most things in life, exciting events always happen while you are away! There is no way I can make it back to Irvine for the Japanese Arts and Globalizations (JAG) conference, “Commensurable Distinctions: Intercultural Negotiations of Modern and Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture,” but sending my best wishes for its success! Aside from having a real variety of presentations, this conference seems to embody all that is cool about working on Japanese visual culture from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, to the cartographic imaginings of postwar Japanese art, to contemporary Ainu in the museum. Visiting keynote speakers are Gennifer Weisenfeld, Hayashi Michio, Okazaki Kenjiro, and Benjamin Piekut. If you happen to be in Southern California on this Friday and Saturday, please take advantage of this awesome opportunity — I’m sure the resulting conversations will be riveting!

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