My Approach

I believe that art history, visual culture, and the art of writing can be inclusive, engaging, and accessible. I work to diversify our field by engaging with the stories and visual culture of communities that may not find representation in the typical canon.

One thing I have embraced in the last few years is using labor-based contract grading in survey and writing-intensive courses. The version I use is my own adaptation of the framework laid out by Asao B. Inoue. For me, it helps us move beyond the memorization of names and dates and our obsession with a “final product.” Instead, we focus on process and create space for students to undertake independent projects that stem from their own interests and majors. If students can connect their own passion to art history, then they will remember the lessons of the course in a more meaningful way. I have conducted several workshops at St. Olaf College around this pedagogical approach to assessment, and I continue to innovate and experiment in my own courses to find a balance between academic rigor and personal discovery.

Academic Year 2023-2024

History of World Architecture

History of Photography

Japanese Woodblock Prints

Arts of Korea

Asian Conversations: Imagine Asia

Art, Materiality, and the Making of Global Asia