Christina M. Spiker

Christina M. Spiker

Art Historian | Professor | Digital Humanist

Website // Japanese Woodblock Prints @ St. Kate’s w/ MaryJane Eischen (Scalar 2)


Eischen, MaryJane, Christina M. Spiker, and Nicole Wallin. Japanese Woodblock Prints @ St. Kate’s. Scalar 2. 2019.


Through the Assistant Mentorship Program at St. Catherine University, MaryJane Eischen ‘20 worked with curator Christina M. Spiker to create Japanese Prints @ St. Kate’s, a website to supplement both the gallery and library exhibitions. This digital component was built using Scalar 2, a technological publishing platform developed by the University of Southern California. The website catalogs the entirety of the Japanese woodblock print collection in the St. Catherine University Archives & Special Collections and provides additional information about all prints and artists on display in each show. MaryJane also utilized a program called Timeline JS, which was developed by Northwestern University Knight Lab. This software was used to create two JavaScript timelines documenting both the artists in the collection and the ways these prints intersect with the history of Meiji Japan. The website also includes exhibition essays by Christina M. Spiker and Nicole Wallin ‘19.