Site Revamp!

For those of you who haven’t stopped by in a while, you may notice the drastic site redesign!

I think that I got all the mileage that I could have out of a free template on over the last three years. Although an excellent service for an academic website, I wanted more control over my layout and web space now that I am on the road to finishing this degree. I needed some room to grow. After playing around with various other site builders–Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix, to name a few–I settled on purchasing my own hosting where I could find greater flexibility. And as someone who cares about the digital humanities, I figured that it was about time that my website reflected that investment!

I based the color scheme off of a series of photographs that I took all over Hokkaido, Japan, including places like Shiraoi, Sapporo, Nibutani, and Biei. In addition to the fresh look, there are some new features including my Visual C.V., a visualization of my research and teaching in a digestible format based off of an artist’s portfolio. Of course, the typical C.V. (revamped with accordion menus) is also available. I am looking forward to continuing this blog, but also experimenting with new kinds of projects that live and breath online. Hopefully I’ll have something to show in the coming months.

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