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Impermanence of Sand: Teaching Tibetan Sand Mandalas

We are moving on to Vajrayana Buddhism in Buddhist Art & Architecture and we created individual sand mandalas to commemorate the occasion. The goal was to not only understand what a mandala is, but how they can embody the idea of visualization, meditation, and impermanence in a Tibetan context. We’ll look at an actual preserved sand mandala at the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Wednesday. I just wanted to share the colorful fruits of my students’ labor!
[slide first_slide=”yes” last_slide=”” title=”Mandala by G.M.” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”” title=”Mandala by C.H.” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”” title=”Mandalas by M.K. (left) and D.T. (right)” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”” title=”Mandala by N.X.” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”” title=”Destruction can be just as beautiful as creation. Mandala by L.A.” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”yes” title=”Our collective labor! Tossed to the wind.” src=””]