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Impermanence of Sand: Teaching Tibetan Sand Mandalas

We are moving on to Vajrayana Buddhism in Buddhist Art & Architecture and we created individual sand mandalas to commemorate the occasion. The goal was to not only understand what a mandala is, but how they can embody the idea of visualization, meditation, and impermanence in a Tibetan context. We’ll look at an actual preserved sand mandala at the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Wednesday. I just wanted to share the colorful fruits of my students’ labor!
[slide first_slide=”yes” last_slide=”” title=”Mandala by G.M.” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”” title=”Mandala by C.H.” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”” title=”Mandalas by M.K. (left) and D.T. (right)” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”” title=”Mandala by N.X.” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”” title=”Destruction can be just as beautiful as creation. Mandala by L.A.” src=””][slide first_slide=”” last_slide=”yes” title=”Our collective labor! Tossed to the wind.” src=””]

Presentation at Global Digital Humanities Symposium

Time flies not when you are having fun, but when midterm season is approaching! In light of exam craziness, I’m quite excited to be giving a lightning paper next week at the Global Digital Humanities Symposium at Michigan State University. While I have been pretty involved in digital humanities since I was a graduate student,…

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